Paleo Challenge- Words of Wisdom

Not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge and commit to the CFHY Spring 2013 Paleo Challenge?  See what some of our members who have done Paleo Challenges before have to say about the experience!

 My best advice I could give to someone going into a Paleo challenge would be to not view it as not being able to eat certain things, but instead realize that you’re making a conscious decision to change the way you view and treat food. Everyone who comes into the gym pushes their bodies beyond and to new limits every single day, and have seen incredible gains in strength, agility, endurance. But like any fine automobile, our bodies require high quality fuel in order to function at their optimal levels. Food = Fuel. Nutritious = Delicious. Paleo challenges are a great way to transition into this mindset, they allow you to get a taste of the results that proper nutrition can bring, but within a short enough time frame that if you don’t think it does not work for you, then no real time was lost.

-Cody Garland


Paleo=awesome. Why? Because its not some crackpot diet that takes out all real food and replaces it with powder that you mix with water. Paleo allows you to find healthier and better options of all the things you love. Coming from someone who was a picky eater, paleo totally broadened my scope of all the wonderful foods I’d been too afraid to try before. It allowed me to try recipes, succeed at them, and fail at them and even make some up! But I think the best thing about paleo is that it’s a lifestyle that allows you to have a normal life. You can always find something paleo at a restaurant or make something your friends or family won’t know is paleo to bring to a party. Too often people succumb themselves to diets that makes them a boring person. When you add CFHY into the mix you’ve really got something fantastic. There’s always someone to talk to or steal a recipe from or even someone to talk you out of a glazed donut. Losing weight is always a plus but when you do those benchmark workouts for the second time and see how much stronger and faster you’ve gotten, you’ll want to do paleo forever. For anyone thinking about doing it, stop thinking; just do it. You won’t regret it, promise.

-Mikayla Bresnahan


Paleo challenge to some screams restriction and questions about how am I going to do this or why am 
I doing this?  You’re going to do this with support from you CFHY family just like making it through the WOD we will cheer each other on and give tips and suggestions. This isn’t a 30 day diet- it’s a effort to make healthy life changes. If you have a cheat one day who cares?!  Get right back on the wagon and keep going- change is difficult just like muscle up, you don’t get those overnight! Think of this challenge as a way to better your health, and a wonderful side effect is loosing some extra pounds and getting faster and stronger!

-Bridget Armstrong


Paleo is awesome because you can eat bacon.  And burgers (no bun but don’t care), and yummy pecans, and just enough chocolate, and wow who knew how many great ways you can use eggs?

Red wine every blessed night.

And avocados. I eat as much as I want, whenever I want. I eat weird things for breakfast sometimes, but it’s my choice. I have fallen in love with Brussels Sprouts (esp sauteed with bacon and pecans) and Kale (kale chips–so easy to make), plantain chips and salsa.  Regardless of what I might have said about my reasons for going paleo, my main goal was really just to lose fat, which I did. But what REALLY surprised me was how my guts got smaller, if that’s possible. Apparently healthy people aren’t bloated and gassy all the time. Who knew. I thought I was normal!  And bacon.

-Katie Clancy


After participating in a few paleo challenges now I would say the main reason I do them is to get back on track with my eating in order to perform to the best of my ability! I don’t do it to lose weight (although a plus) but instead to gain energy and strength! Before paleo I never realized how much the foods I was eating were affecting me and how rewarding it was to see how healthy choices can truly impact performance!  I also do the paleo challenges because of the wonderful motivating group of people at CFHY that help you stay on track and motivated!  If you can show up and do a WOD you can definitely do a paleo challenge!! Dedication.

-Erika Leahy


Like CrossFit, going Paleo is a challenge. But like joining CrossFit it is a choice you make to learn more about yourself. The 30 day challenge is a helpful way of seeing if it is the right lifestyle for you. The Paleo challenge is a little friendly competition that gives you an incentive to keep pushing. It creates a better you in no time. It may be difficult for some but the benefits are amazing. I believe Paleo is a great compliment to CrossFit because we all know you build your body in the kitchen and only embellish it in the gym.

-Ainsley Nickerson

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