Pirate Flag, Bonuses, and Victory!

Monday, May 6, 2013


5 Sets, working up to heaviest set possible with good form:

Power Clean- Hang Power Clean- Squat Clean- Hang Squat Clean

*Hands must remain on the bar for the entire complex.

Compare to April 22 <–CLICK HERE for your score.


“Pirate Flag”


6 Burpees

12 T2B


Spring Paleo Challenge… BONUS CHALLENGES:

In addition to the regular points that are up for grabs, this week there are bonus challenges, and the opportunity to earn an additional 6 POINTS.  For each of the completed tasks below you earn 2 points.  You may separate them over the week (you have until Sunday to do them).  You may also break up the individual challenges over the week (i.e.- 20 wall balls a day for five days).  Of course, anything done in regular class WODs does not count toward your weekly challenge.  Be sure to add any additional points on your weekly tracking sheet.  The challenges this week are:

-100 Wall Balls

– 1 Mile Sandbag Run

– Choose one goat (movement you would like to work on- pullups, HSPU, T2B, double unders, snatch, etc.).  Watch a video on it (YouTube, CrossFit Journal, Again Faster, etc.).  Spend at least 25 minutes working on your goat.

Congrats to all who participated in the Run to the Top!

Everyone did great, with the Hyannis Fire team, which included Nate Coughlin and Tim Booth, placing first for the fire departments.  Nate, Eva, Katie, Kate, and Jason all placed first in their age categories, with many others placing as well-  CFHY times are listed below.

First place team, with CFHY members Nate and Tim- great job guys!


Some of the CFHY ladies at the top of the monument!

CFHY Run to the Top Times:

FF male 19-29
Nate Coughlan 1st place 2:25.0

FF female 35 plus
Christy 4th place 6:12.6

Ems 30plus
Lisa potter 2nd place 4:01.5

Female civilian 10 to 19 years
Eva Kuchinsky 1st 2:51.8

19-29 female
Katie Falkowski 1st 2:37.6

Abby Murray 2nd 2:52.9

Female 30-39
Kate Karter 1st place 2:55.1

Bridget Armstrong 2nd place

Male civilian 30-39
Jason Parrent 1 st place 2:31.8

40 plus male
Gary Kuchinsky 4th place. 2:29.6

Paul Brazil 3:48

TJ LaBonte 3:37

Tim Booth 3:21


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