Prepare to Squat…

Monday, February 23, 2015


Smolov Jr. (extended) Back Squats (see below for more info)

6×6 @ 70%

75 Double Unders
50 KB Swings (55/35)
75 Double Unders
50 Hand Release Push Ups
75 Double Unders

Smolov Jr. (extended) Squat Cycle

Today we are beginning a six week squatting cycle, based on the Smolov Jr. training cycle, that will involve back squatting twice a week based off of percentages of your 1 rep max.  We will discuss it more during classes and there will be tracking sheets at the gym for you- it is up to you to track your numbers. (Or click on this link for a PDF file of the tracking sheet- Smolov Jr CFHY).

The Smolov Jr. cycle works by adapting your CNS to handling heavier weight. You will also improve your form practicing the lift for high reps each week.

Some Tips:

  • Do not start too heavy- be honest about your current 1rm.
  • Recovery is a priority. Be sure to eat enough, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep.  Proper supplementation also can make a big difference in recovery (if you haven’t already checked out Game Plan this is a great resource- Whey Protein and Recovery Amino Acids are a good starting point).
  • Mobilize.   Roll out, stretch out and stay supple. Mobilizing a few minutes a day helps keep you feeling fresh and ready to attack the weights. (As always, a great resource is MobilityWOD).
  • If you fail a day, do not increase for the next week.

There is a simple protocol for choosing your weights (based off of percentages of your 1rm) and how much weight to add- this will be discussed further in classes.  When you add weight each week be careful not to add too much. If you fail a set it generally means that you added too much weight and should drop back down at least five pounds. If basing your initial weights off or your 1rm seems like too much, you can use your training max (90% of 1rm). You are better off doing it right- remember: form is king.

All numbers are based off of your CURRENT one rep max back squat.

We’ll be answering any questions you have in class, just come ready to work hard and have some fun!

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