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Monday, September 26, 2016


EMOM 12, Alt:

1- 12/10 Cal Bike

2- 35 Double Unders

3- 15/12 Cal Row


Run 800 Meters

Pull Ups
Run 800 Meters


We are excited to join with other local CrossFit gyms on Sunday, October 2 at 9:00am (we will be done by noon at the latest) to support The Cape Cod Center for Women.  Registration is $35.00 per person (includes a t-shirt), and we will be doing the workout below on that day at CFHY.    Grab a partner and get registered at the Cape Cod Center for Women Website.  If you don’t have a partner that’s ok!  Put your name on the sheet at the gym and we’ll find you one!  Can’t be there but want to make a donation?  Leave donations with Katie or Bridget!

300 Double Unders/600 Singles
275 sit-ups
250 air squats
200 Overhead Walking Lunges (45#/25#)/(25#/15#)
100 Deadlifts (135#/95#)/(95#/65#)
One partner working at a time.

crossfit 2

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