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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Partner WOD

20 rounds:

  • 7 OH Squats (75/55)
  • 9 Back & Forth Lateral Barbell Burpees
  • 11 Calories on the Rower

One athlete completes the entire round then athlete 2 will complete the entire round.

Each athlete will compete 10 rounds each alternating each round.


Barbell is taken from the floor for the OHS.

Back & Forth Lateral Barbell Burpees= once you drop the bar from the OHS, you will drop and do a burpee on the Right side of the barbell, jump with both feet together over to the left side then immediately jump back over to the right side for each completed rep. The burpee will always be started on the right side of the barbell and the rep will be complete once you have jumped to the left and back again to the right


This Partner WOD is the first workout from the First Responders Challenge.  As some of you know we have a team competing in the First Responders Challenge, an eight week competition consisting of one WOD per week.  Our team, Nate, Adam, Cody, Tim, Jason, and Paul, have been doing great and representing CrossFit Hyannis very well- couldn’t be prouder to have such excellent and selfless guys as part of our family.  If you see them be sure to wish them luck.  The final event will be in March at Reebok CrossFit One in Canton, MA and we will certainly be taking a trip out there to cheer them on.  Keep up the great work guys!!!

 Some of our guys in their fire gear for the 9/11 Memorial WOD.

Nate and Aaron… Handstand Pushups in Gear- NBD.


Tim, getting it done.




FYI: If there is ever a time we will be closed due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, zombie attack, etc.) I will post that information both here in the WOD Blog and on our Facebook friend page.

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