September Athlete of the Month: Abby Murray!


The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for September is Abby Murray.  Abby has been with us for nearly two years as she was kind enough to give her fiancé Nate, the first ever CFHY Athlete of the Month, a year head start on CrossFit.  Both Nate and Abby have become integral parts of CrossFit Hyannis- and it would be hard to imagine our establishment and community without them as part of it!  As they begin their family together, we feel lucky to have them as part of our family as well.



Abby is a determined and feisty, and brings this attitude to each workout she attacks.  She has been smart in her growth as a CrossFitter- knowing that in order to lift heavier weights and perform more complex movements there is a necessary journey and process one must go through.  During goat work Abby does not shy away from movements that she dislikes or is trying to attain.  She is smart when choosing weights- pushing herself but also being aware of her current abilities and listening to her body.  Abby shines when it comes to bodyweight and gymnastics movements, but also is pound for pound one of the strongest athletes that we have at the gym.


 Abby actively encourages other members of the gym on their journey as well.  She can regularly be heard cheering for others over the sound of Rap Strength Training blaring over the speakers. 



Abby is a great example of someone who works hard inside and outside of the gym, working toward bettering herself each and every day.  Whether it be at work, at school, in her relationships, or at the gym she is constantly pursing excellence and her best self.

Abby at 31 Heroes

Abby and Nate helping us celebrate two years as a gym- we’re lucky to have them as members of our community!!!




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