Skill EMOM and 20 Minute Test

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Skill EMOM


Even: 1-5 Bar MU, 5-10 C2B or Pull Ups

Odd: 15 Box Jumps

*Leading up to the Open we will be doing “Skill EMOMs.”  These are meant to help develop, improve, and gain capacity in skill based movements.  Therefore they will look different for different people based on their current ability at that skill- both reps and the movements performed may vary for different people.  If the EMOM contains skills you are proficient at you will use the EMOM to gain more practice and capacity with those skills during this time, choosing reps that challenge you while helping you dial in your proficiency in that movement.  If the EMOM contains a movement you cannot do, you will use this time to work to develop that skill and scale it so it is appropriate for you.  The reps listed are simply guidelines. 


Athlete’s Choice:

20 Minute Max:
-Row for meters


20 Minute Max:
-Assault Bike for calories

*We will be restesting in one month- you will retest whatever you choose today. It is encouraged that you note in Wodify your RPE (rating of perceived exertion- how hard did it feel to you on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being “Nothing at All” and 10 being “Very, Very Hard- near maximal effort”) and generally how you felt during and after the row or bike.  Improvements can be based on improved scores, lower RPE, and generally feeling better during/after the test.  Another way to measure improvement is your heart rate- so if you have a heart rate monitor you can also note your HR during the row/bike for comparison.

Spealler beat weaknesses

CFHY Annual Holiday Party and 5 Year Anniversary Party!!

The party is this Saturday, January 7th at 6:00pm- we hope to see you there!

It will be a fun evening with drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and a Re-Gift Yankee swap! If you can, please bring a side to share!

Re-Gift Yankee Swap Details: Your gift must be something you already have or an item you would like to “re-gift.” Keep it fun.

Dress to impress. Feel free to bring a guest.

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