Snatch Balances, DU, and Presses!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Snatch Balance


Snatch Balance

Snatch Balance- Speal vs. Eric

Snatch Balance- Kris Clever and Becca Voight

Snatch Balance- Maya Keenan-Gallagher (Age 11)

The snatch balance is a great lift to improve not just your strength, but particularly your strength/coordination in the snatch.  It allows you to get under the bar fast, work on your footwork, and feel more comfortable with heavy loads overhead.  If you’ve never done a snatch balance (and even if you have), check out the videos above of Coach Burgener explaining some of the technique and rationale behind the lift, some Games athletes gettin’ after it, and an eleven year old girl who is no joke (Heather Bergeron’s daughter, Maya).  Good stuff.

WOD Double unders Shoulder press (75/45)

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