So, what’s your Annie time?

n CrossFit, some of the benchmark WODs that we have are called “The Girls.” Whereas in a “normal” gym one might compare their bench press, CrossFitters are far more likely to compare their times on “The Girls.” It’s not unusual to hear one CrossFitter ask another, “What’s your Fran time?” or “What’s your Annie time?” CrossFit is different every day, but we do use some of these benchmark workouts to note our progress (yet another reason it’s important to log your workouts and times!). You may have noticed that in the gym we have two large whiteboards with some of the Hero WODs and some of The Girls listed on them. In order to get your name on the board you must complete the workout as prescribed and have one of the five fastest times of any athlete at CrossFit Hyannis. This means that not only did you do the correct weight, rounds, and repetitions, but also that you demonstrated good range of motion on every rep. As you progress in your CrossFit life strive to get better every day. Strive to make every rep count, with full range of motion and proper form. And as you continue to develop as a CrossFit athlete- strive for the board.







Double Unders*


100-80-60-40-20 for singles (This will go to 3x soon, so start practicing those double unders!  These are a skill that need to be practiced often- use the warmup/ cooldown/ open gym as a time to practice!)

2011 CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning, Jr. OWNING Double Unders- I bet he practiced a lot.

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