Test Month

Monday, February 3, 2020


Back Squat

Option 1: 1RM Back Squat

Option 2: 5×4



1-2-3… Squat Clean (175/125)



Alt. Pistols


Within the next several weeks we will be testing the following benchmarks.  As always, if you miss a class you can always make up whatever you missed during open gym.

Lifts: Front Squat, Back Squat, Deadlift, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Bench Press, Clean, Clean and Jerk, Snatch

Endurance Benchmarks: 500m Row, 1000m Row, Fight Gone Bad, Fran

Gymnastics: Max Pull Ups, Max Dips, Max HSPU

CFHY Testing: Lifts, Endurance, Gymnastics

Testing these various elements of fitness including max lifts, endurance benchmarks, and gymnastics skills is a great way to gauge where you are currently at, assess your progress, and make goals for the future. We will be doing these tests as part of our regular classes and scores will be logged in Wodify.  Take advantage of this tool to assess your progress- feel free to add notes and comments in your Wodify account.

Some things to consider when testing:

  • Safety first, form is king. We are looking to hit the heaviest loads we can do safely and with good form.  An extra few pounds on the bar is not worth injuring yourself over.
  • Testing is a good gauge of where you are currently at. Although it’s great to hit PRs, the reality is every day is not a PR day.  If you don’t hit the number you are hoping for- let it motivate you. Remember that there are countless aspects that go into your performance on any given day- nutrition, sleep, stress levels, etc. – if you aren’t hitting the numbers you want to be, assess how these aspects are going and make a plan to improve.
  • Celebrate the PRs of those around you! We are fortunate to be in an environment of strong and capable people- be inspired by them and help them celebrate their PRs!
  • It’s important to warm up appropriately and not just dive into your big lifts. We will discuss more in class proper warm up protocols when attempting 1RMs.  Once you get to your max attempts have a coach watch you. In order for your lift to be “CFHY Official” a coach must watch and verify the lift.
  • If you are a newer lifter/new to CrossFit we will not have you test all of your big lifts. It is more important that you continue to learn the movements safely without maxing out.  On testing days you will still perform the lifts, but not max out (you will do Option B). All athletes will have the Option B if they do not want to max out.


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