Thank you for your overwhelming generosity!

The goodness and generosity of people never ceases to amaze me.  In a world where it’s far too easy to only see the negative and get sucked into the depressing headlines, we must remember to seek out the good that exists all around us.

I am fortunate to live a life where I am surrounded by this goodness and generosity each and every day.  At CrossFit Hyannis we have been blessed with an amazing community full of people who continually reveal their goodness and generosity to the world.  We are a community of people who seek out the good in all things, and make those around us better by our actions and encouragement.  I am blessed enough to see this every day in the smallest, most commonplace interactions but during this holiday season it has been exposed on a greater level.

This year we took on the task of helping buy presents for a local family in need. I asked the Housing Authority if they had a larger family who could use some help during the holiday season- having no doubt that our CrossFit Hyannis family would rise to the occasion and help brighten this families holidays.  When I initially received the list for a family of eight I was excited and cautiously optimistic that we would be able to get most of the things on their list.

The CrossFit Hyannis community did not disappoint- in addition to bringing in toys and items from the list over $800 was also donated for the cause.  With this money we were able to get essentially everything on their list and even some additional stocking stuffers and home essentials.

As we approach the three-year anniversary of CrossFit Hyannis, I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of this community.  Each and every one of our members has embraced the mantra of pursuing excellence in their lives, with an astute realization that this is infinitely easier when done in conjunction with others.  Our members continually seek the good, strive to be better in all aspects of their lives, and spread their generosity and goodwill to the world around them.

Thank you to all of our members for your overwhelming generosity and for embodying the holiday spirit.

Thank you for your overwhelming generosity!

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