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Part One:

Max Reps Power Cleans in Two Minutes (145/115)

Part Two*:

Row 500 Meters

30 Deadlifts (185/135)

60 Hand Release Push Ups

30 Deadlifts (185/135)

Row 500 Meters



A huge thanks to everyone who came out to participate in and support the Maltz Challenge this weekend.  It was an honor to be able to host this event and remember Nicholas Xiarhos and all those who have been killed in action protecting our freedom.  A big thanks to Steven Xiarhos for sharing the day with us and for his inspiring and heartfelt words.

It was also great to see so many of our members participating in the challenge, many overcoming their belief that they could not complete the workout.  CrossFit is an amazing community, and one that encourages you to go beyond your own pre-conceived limitations to achieve success and growth.  Remember that anytime a Hero WOD comes up it’s a way to honor those who have given their lives for our country.  Thank you all for honoring Nick and our nations heroes through your efforts.

Below are the times from Saturday’s workout.  As you know there were no judges and people recorded their own times.  Everyone who participated should be proud!


Andrew Robles     16:45

Kevin Foley 21:20

Dan Lane 24:28

Rodney Tavano 25:00

Aaron Mass 25:36

Seth 25:55

Steven Xiarhos 27:30

Nate Coughlan 28:42

Mitch 29:19

Jason Berry 30:14

Joel Nault 30:41

Adam Laplante 31:30

Tim Booth 33:15

Rich Moser 34:51

Richie 34:21

Scott 35:34

Rich Aprea 38:15

Dusty Cabral 40:58

Tom Wood 41:12

Chris Vaughn 41:42

Christian Morecraft Time not recorded

Miguel DNF


Cheryl 24:18

Michelle Tavano 24:20

Kaitlyn Gambino 26:58

Sammy Tavano 28:09

Emily 29:03

Bridget Armstrong 29:28

Nicole Brodeur 30:10

Kate 30:13

Lia Wilcox 31:20

Rachel Glover 31:50

Lynn Ellinwood 32:48

Angela Mellon 33:16

Katie Ellinwood 34:10

Delane Moser 34:51

Robin Callaghan 35:36

Michelle Cote 37:58

Ruth Gonzalez-Riojas   37:59

Suzi Estey Time not recorded

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