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Hey everyone!  We are officially done with “testing month” at CFHY.  We prefaced this month by saying that testing these various elements of fitness was “a great way to gauge where you are currently at, assess your progress, and make goals for the future” and encouraged people to remember that setting a PR was certainly not the most important thing- at it’s core it is information about where you are at that given moment on that day.

It can be a helpful practice to reflect on how you did on the lifts, endurance pieces, and gymnastic components and assess on a personal level how you did- let me reiterate this… on a PERSONAL level, not comparing yourself to others.  If you noticed your strength numbers were all up and felt great, but your endurance or gymnastics skills aren’t where YOU would like them to be- that’s helpful information about where you can put some of your focus moving forward.  Or, maybe your engine felt great- but your strength isn’t quite where you’d like it to be.  Again, take it for what it is- information on how to go forward.

At CrossFit Hyannis the programming is centered around the idea of “GPP” (general physical preparedness)- essentially we are looking for balance across varied fitness elements and time domains so that we can go into the world and do all of the things that we want to do and the world demands of us.  Our ultimate goal is to help people be healthier, fitter, and feel better and more confident in themselves.  We are here to work out, have fun, and leave better than when we walked in- and none of those things have anything to do with whether you PR’d or not.

With all that being said, congratulations to all who PR’d on any component over the last three weeks- it’s a great feeling to commit to a process, put in work, and have concrete data to indicate that you made progress.  On a personal note, it was great as a coach to see people PR, but even more so to see a community of people supporting and celebrating the PRs of those around them.  How lucky we are to be part of a community that truly seeks to lift others up- I don’t ever take that for granted.  Thank you.

And of course what good is our strength if we don’t use it to build others up?  With that in mind I am ecstatic to let everyone know that through your hard fought efforts the CrossFIt Hyannis community was able to raise $1195 through PRs for Puerto Rico and $500 on t-shirts for a total of $1695 for United for Puerto Rico!  Thank you all, and to Ward Construction for also contributing to the donation!!!

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