The Pursuit: September 30-October 6, 2013

From now on you can now view the weekly work on The Pursuit tab on the main menu.

Pursuit work is supplementary work.  It is to be done over the course of the week, and can be done in any order.  The priority should be doing the CFHY regular programming.  If you feel adequately recovered and capable of more, the following can be done.  It is important to listen to your body and know your own limits.  Work can be done before or after class, or in a separate session.  Separating into two sessions is ideal.  For those doing Pursuit supplementary work while another class is in session, be respectful to those in class.

MOFO Strength:

We will be doing our strength work for the next three months using the “MoFo Strength” model.  This is based off of Coach Doug Chapman’s model, which he has used to train his athletes including 2nd place in the 2012 CrossFit Games Julie Foucher.  Of course, it is important to track your numbers to ensure progress!  Each week we will be going off percentages of your 1RM.  The percentage is the goal- however, if you don’t feel like you can maintain good form with that loading, back off.  For example if it is a 5×5 Back Squat/Press @ 80% of your 1Rm and you can’t maintain good form for ten minutes, take off weight.  Form is always king.

Each week in our regular classes we will be doing some variation (loading and reps will vary) of the following:

EMOM 10, alternating minutes:

Back Squat



EMOM 10, alternating minutes:


Push Jerk


During the week, on a day when we don’t do MoFo in class, those following the Pursuit should do the following:

EMOM 10, alternating minutes:

Front Squat

Split Jerk

AND (on a separate day):

EMOM 10, alternating minutes:

Overhead Squats

Strict Pull Ups


The Pursuit: September 30-October 6, 2013

A.  MoFo Strength

-EMOM 10, alternating minutes:

5 Front Squats @ 80%

5 Split Jerks @ 80%

-EMOM 10, alternating minutes:

5 Overhead Squats @ 80%

5 Strict Pull Ups


B.  Grunt Work

800m Sled Drag (400F/400 B)


C.  Goat Work

EMOM 12:

Choose two movements that you would like to work on; this will be your “GOAT WOD” for October.  You will do it once each week.

-Odd minutes: Movement 1 (reps dependant on movement)

-Even minutes: Movement 2


D.  Bonus WOD

5 Rounds

:20 L-Sit

10 alternating pistols



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