The Pursuit

CrossFit Hyannis: The Pursuit

The daily programming at CrossFit Hyannis, paired with good living habits (a healthy diet, adequate sleep, proper hydration, etc.), is designed to make our athletes fitter, stronger, healthier, and have an overall better GPP (general physical preparedness).  That being said, for those athletes who are looking to take their fitness to the next level and compete in the sport of CrossFit, they need to attack their weaknesses and train with a greater vigor and purpose, becoming more proficient with technical skills, Olympic lifting, etc.  The Pursuit is for those who, in addition to following CFHY’s regular programming, would like to attack their weaknesses and prepare for competitions and the Open at the next level.  It will require an additional level of time and commitment both inside and outside of class.  This is for athletes who want not only to be fit, but also have aspirations of competing in CrossFit.  Athletes who follow The Pursuit programming must have shown a commitment to CrossFit training and be prepared for the additional volume.

Why “The Pursuit?”:

Coach Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, regularly speaks about constantly and relentlessly pursuing excellence in all things- as a business person, in your sport, with your family, and in all aspects of your life.  You are not meant for mediocrity, and success comes to those who pursue excellence wholeheartedly.  Those who are willing to forego a life of “just getting by” and are willing to put in the work towards chasing their goals and aspirations are those who are willing to enter The Pursuit.  Those following the path of pursuing excellence look their fears and current weaknesses in the eye and attack them with an indomitable spirit.  They commit to getting better every day.


  • Those following “The Pursuit” will attend regular classes at CFHY, continuing to push themselves and our entire community.
  • In addition to regularly scheduled classes, supplemental work each week that will be done outside of regular classes.  Although we regularly do these things in classes, additional time must be spent on attacking weaknesses if an athlete hopes to succeed in competition.  Supplemental activities will work in areas such as:
    • Strength
    • Technical Skills
    • Goats- earnestly addressing and tackling weaknesses and turning them into strengths
    • Endurance
    • Sleds/prowlers/yokes
    • Olympic lifting technique
    • Team WODs
  • Team practice- time and day yet to be determined.  Everyone is busy, but athletes must make a commitment to regularly joining the team for training sessions.
  • Accountability to the team.  Although supplementary work can be done individually, those following “The Pursuit” are encouraged to get together to do the work when they can.


  • Competing in the CrossFit Open
  • Registering and competing in a CrossFit competition
  • Regular attendance at CFHY classes
  • Dedication and commitment to proper recovery: mobility, diet, sleep, etc.
  • Tracking all workouts, including strength numbers
  • Check-ins with coach (Katie) as requested



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