To Our CF Team Series Athletes (and everyone putting themselves out there)

Another week of the CrossFit Team Series has come and gone- full of excitement, nerves, frustration and ultimately victory through effort.  When we initially heard about the Team Series there were a lot of questions- what would the workouts be, what does “scaled” mean, what if a movement we haven’t yet mastered comes up?  Without answers to these questions those who signed up embarked on an adventure and took a chance- and as a coach I couldn’t be prouder of you for taking the plunge.  What is life without rolling the dice and diving head first into the great unknown sometimes?  Nothing- it’s nothing.

Competition allows us to push our perceived limits and attempt things we once thought were impossible.   The added element of being on a team allows us to share the burden of doubt and receive the comfort of camaraderie.  It is truly an amazing feeling to be part of a group of people who believe in you more than you believe in yourself- and to know that no matter the outcome they will be there to support you and push you to be your best self.  Each day I spend at CrossFit Hyannis I feel bolstered by the positivity and energy of those who train here- together we embark on this journey of relentlessly pursing excellence and becoming better versions of ourselves.  Together we have refused to accept complacency and have instead chosen to do hard things- things others may see as impossible or foolish.  This refusal to accept mediocrity seeps into every element of our lives and enriches our days- it allows us to become our best selves.

We are lucky enough to have five teams from CrossFit Hyannis in the Team Series, and as a coach I couldn’t be prouder of the effort of each individual and the cohesiveness of the teams.  For those who are frustrated with a lack of a muscle up, an inefficiency in a handstand pushup, who struggled with a barbell, or who have otherwise been discouraged- allow this to fuel you.  The attainment of goals rarely comes without a struggle, and is far harder when one goes out on the journey solo.  Lucky for us- we’re on the journey together.

Thank you all for your willingness to go outside of your comfort zone, push your limits, support your team, settle for nothing less than your best effort, and in so doing represent CrossFit Hyannis proudly and become a better you.

Can’t wait for week 3… and beyond!


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